Become a Solar City Ambassador

Help your neighbors reduce their Electric Bill and Help the Environment

This may be the proverbial "OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME".

Rarely does an opportunity come to us which may build your future, help the environment and help your friends, relatives, neighbors and others get an actual reduction in their monthly electric bill by 25 to 40%.

Nevadans can now join the Solar Revolution with 'NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET".

Solar City is the largest provider of rooftop solar systems in the United States. They have installed and are operating more than 100,000 rooftops in the country. They've perfected the installation, maintenance, up front costs and continuing reduction in the cost of electricity.

Now, they have asked us to provide referrals to them so their sales consultants can help homeowners benefit with a lower monthly utility cost and help our fragile environment through the power of the sun.

The sun provides more energy in one minute than all of the oil and gas in the world provides in a day. It's free, renewable energy that can now be captured through sophisticated solar cells and experienced solar management.


Constant Client Marketing is seeking individuals to help us promote Solar Cities program for homeowners in the Las Vegas area. You will be compensated  $250 for each referral that you bring in and it is installed by Solar City.

The average person should be able to obtain 3 to 5 referrals each day. This means that in a five day work week you will bring in between 15 and 25 referrals. This should result in installations for approximately half of those. So, your referrals should bring you 7 to 12 installed deals a week. If that is the case and you are earning $250 for each installation then you will earn between  $1,700 and $3,000 every week.

Don't hesitate! Do your research and then call Craig at 702-330-2299. Were only seeking 5 reps for the moment.

This is not a pie in the sky job. You will have to walk door to door, in sometime hot and rainy conditions (not much rain, but plenty of heat in the summer!!).

However, if you have the will to make an extraordinary income and can endure the elements, then you will join us in promoting this very important service.

In the near future, a current quote states that more than 25% of the rooftops in Las Vegas will have solar systems installed, growing to more than 50% within the next 5 years.

People are very interested now and they will be very interested in speaking with you.

Again, Call Craig Jacobs soon at 702-330-2299.