Mobile Learning

Connecting Students Around the World

Mobile Learning helps create an online community with students no matter where they are in the world.

Smart Phones

Smart Phones allow us to receive information almost imminently . Teachers could use this in the class room by having students text answers and removing the pen and paper aspect. Other teachers may use the e-mail option to get a hold of students.


IPAds  have so many educational applications that students could use to improve learning. Students are able to create their own virtual story and and add in voice and animations. Other teachers have used the IPad to help children with fine motor skills improve their literacy skills.

Mp3 Devices.

Mp3 devices aren't just for music anymore. Teachers could use these in the classroom by downloading pod casts for students to put on their mp3 devices so they can listen to them whenever. Teachers don't even have to create their own pod casts. There are many free pod casts on almost every subject, teachers can choose which ones to give to their students as a resource.   


Bitsboard is an app that you can download to your tablet. It has tons of flash cards for any subject in multiple languages. Students can play multiple games that can help improve literacy. One aspect of this app I believe educators will enjoy is that it's free!

Google Docs

Google Docs is a great way for students work in collaboration without actually needing to be in the same room. You can access your own google documents at any computer that has an internet connection. This application allows students edit and up date their work while others maybe working on the same project. All you need to access this feature is create a google email.

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