The Discovery of the west

In depth description of how the western United States was found!
BY:Kyle Sturdivant

Lewis and Clark Expedition- During the Jefferson area, The United States purchased a territory named Louisiana. The Louisiana purchase was a huge addiction to America and to discover the new land that they had purchased for 15 million dollars from Spain was send Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. This journey began in 1804, and during this journey Lewis and Clark took notes on what they saw. An important person to this adventure was a young lady named Sacagawea who joined Lewis and Clark as a guide for the new land!

President Jefferson- The election of President Jefferson changed America forever. Before President Jefferson, government had all the power and President Jefferson changed that. He believed that the people should hThe Wave power as well and this philosophy he brought was named "laissez faire".

Election of James Madison- in 1808 after the second term by Thomas Jefferson, a man named James Madison was elected as president. A democratic-republican, James Madison was. Known as the "Father of the Constitution" for being an important factor in the making of our U.S Constitution and the creator of the United States Bill of rights.

The War of 1812- The War of 1812 was between the United States and England. One advantage that England had was Native Americans who joined forces with England. The effect that the British and Native Americans had on America were very morale victories. A huge statement British made was the summer of 1814, when they invaded and brought down Washington DC. Results of this was Americans losing hope in their nation. After all of battles, The War of 1812 ended in a stalemate, saying both sides of the war declared a tie.

Elections of 1816 and 1820- A republican named James Monroe was elected the 5Jth president of the United States. During the time on Monroe's presidency, this time period was known as Era of Good feelings describing the time period James Monroe was the President. A law that President Monroe placed was something called the Monroe Doctrine. The Monroe Doctrine was put in place for the United States wouldn't interfere with European colonies in North America and that European colonies would no longer to attempt to colonize North America.

Sectionalism occurs- During the time period of a growing nation, sectionalism occurred with the United States. These 3 different sections of the United States were how americans identified themselves as. If you lived up North, you were known as a Northerner vise versa with the South and the Western sections of the United States. A major difference from the South and North section of America was slavery. When Missouri wants to be admitted as a new state in 1820. Northerners opposed the idea of Missouri being a slave state and Southerners wanted Missouri as a slave state. A guy by the name of Henry Clay helped workout the Missouri Compromise, which stated Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state.

John Quincy Adams- John Quincy Adams as elected the 6th president of the Unites States. He also served as a house representative, and also a Senator. John Quincy Adams played a major role in ending the war of 1812 with the "Treaty of Ghent".

The most down to Earth person you could ever meet- Andrew Jackson as known as "Old Hickory" was everything America could of want wanted in a president. A patriot, a hero, a role model, and these adjectives described how the people felt about President Jackson.

The XYZ affair- An event that occurred when three french men came over to the United States and demands bribe for negotiation. President John Adams was so offended by this, in a newspaper article he wouldn't even put their names in the paper, instead he stated them as X,Y, and Z.

Manifest Destiny- The belief that America had a special purpose! The belief that the United States should expaned from Sea to shinning sea. A new way to get money as a more effecting way by starting out west!

Going West Timeline

1789- George Washington becomes the first president in the United States. a great commander and chief for America and set the benchmark for all great presidents to come after!

1798- The XYZ affair was three British guys who tried to bribe before negotiation. This affair caused for mental toughness from America and to understand they need all the weapons they could get, to win this war.

1803- Thomas Jefferson purchases the Louisiana Territory, America bought the territory from France. Napoleon needed money for on going war he was having with European nations. This purchase doubled America in the size.

1812- This time period was very war heavy. To add on even more with all the war going on, in the year of 1812 James Madison asked Congress to declare war war on England.

1813- William Henry Harrison defeats the Tecumseh's army who combined all of their Native American Tribes and joined unity with the France. Ended in a stalemate but it was a morale victory for America.

1814- This year was a very proud year for America with winning long and exhausting wars with British at the battle of New Orleans. This war had a lot of Americans nervous and brought great pride to our country after America declared victory.

1814- As you can see, a lot of great things happened in the year of 1814. After this great victory, a man named Francis Scott Key writes a song about his beloved nation and we know that song as the Star-Spangled Banner today!

1820- The Missouri Compromise is finalized in the year of 1820. The Missouri Compromise was an agreement that regulated slavery in the western territory of the United States.

1823- The Monroe Doctrine was opposed by President Monroe which promised that America wouldn't interfere with European Colonies in North America. Also stated that European nations would no longer to attempt to colonize North America.

1830- This was the year that Congress passes the Indian Removal Act. Native Americans were forced out of their land that they've been living in for a very long time. The most resistant tribe to move was the Cherokee of Georgia which is a county in Georgia today.

Biographical Summary

George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. He set the benchmark for all great presidents to follow. A great war leader and president for a new nation that with no experience and ready for it's own new start. George Washington made sure to keep the citizens happy and civilized, he made sure he reminded everyone ha doubted him. The whiskey rebellion was a great example of George Washington taking control of his nation when there was a problem that occurred. A group of farmers in western Pennsylvania resisted to pay taxes on whiskey and decided to rebel against this rule and George Washington reminded them very quickly that he was in charge and he will put his foot down. George Washington will always be an important figure in American history. If there was no George Washington, wonder where we would be now? Without a leader like himself, without a president like himself. George Washington will always be America' hero, couldn't have done a better job than he had done!

Newspaper Article.... The new opportunity going out west, and not just money!!!

If you haven't already, many of families have been dropping everything they have for the new opportunities out west that everyone is hearing about... The most fascinating thing about going out west that will shock you the most isn't the economy or search for new money, it's the religious freedom that a group named "Mormons" have. These group of people all started about when a gentleman named Joseph Smith who states that he met with God and Jesus themselves and they told him he should start his own religion called Mormonism.. But in the year 1844 a tragic event occurred and Joseph Smith was killed by an angry mob of people concerned about their safety. After the death of Joseph Smith, a man by the name of Brigham Young decided that he should take all the Mormons he could find and move out west to the prestigious city of Salt Lake City Utah. They called this path that Mormons took from states like Illinois etc.. This path was named "The Mormon Trail" and was traveled by 12,000 pilgrims seeking for religious freedom. After the establishment of Salt Lake City, Mormons worked very hard to make the settlement successful for a very long time. In fact, if you were to travel to the city of Utah today you would find a huge number of the population our Mormons today!

Obituary- The Death of the great Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was a very important person in Americas history today. He was known as one of our Founding Fathers and the author of the great Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 and died on July 4, 1826 while serving 8 years in office from the years of 1801-1809. We will miss President Jefferson for his great character and his way of believing that everyone should have confidence in their self and be relaying only on their self and God. His values were in education and believed everyone should be educated so they could work properly in society day to day. Values that all Americans carry today, educate yourself so you can live better in the future!

Recipe ..

The Missouri Mix was a mix that was created in 1840's that contained various different things. These are the recipes to make the Missouri Mix. 9 c. sifted all purpose flour

1/3 c. double acting baking powder
1 c. plus 2 tbsp. non-fat milk solids (powdered milk)
4 tsp. salt
1 3/4 c. vegetable shorteningStir baking powder, dry milk, and salt into the sifted flour. Sift all dry ingredients together until well mixed. Cut shortening into flour mixture until all particles of fat are thoroughly coated and mixture resembles coarse cornmeal. Use this as you would the commercial baking mix (Bisquick). Yields 13 cups.

By the numbers.. Take your calculators out people..

  • John Adams won the presidential election of 1796 against Thomas Jefferson by the count of 71 to 68.
  • In 1800, the United States bought the Louisiana Territory for 15 million dollars and multiplied the size of America by 2.
  • 4,000 Cherokee died on the Trail of Tears.
  • Around 90,000 people went in search for new opportunities in the California Gold rush.
  • In the year of 1816 James Monroe was elected our 5th president of the United States of America.
  • During the years of 1816-1820, the United States separated into 3 sections. These sections were called Westerners, Southerners, Northerners and associated themselves as where they lived. This definition of called Sectionalism
  • Throughout the election of 1824, the 12th Amendment calls for the House of Representatives to choose the president when majority is not achieved. The conclusion of this was gaining our 6th president.
  • William Henry Harrison our 9th president, died 32 days after falling at the inauguration.
  • The Mormon Trail was travelled by 12,ooo pilgrims seeking religious freedom in 1846. To start a new start in Salt Lake City Utah.
  • First people to discover California in 1848-1849 and were given the name 49ers because of it. There is a professional football team named the San Francisco 49ers.

The Map of growth of your beloved country

This is an map of the United States of America in the early 1820's. As you can see from the map, our western states haven't been claimed by us yet and are still British, New Spain Territory. An important event that happened during the time period was the Missouri Compromise. The man behind the great plan to agree that Missouri would be a slave state and Maine would be admitted as a free state was named Henry Clay. Without people like Henry Clay and negotiators like himself, our country today would be divided today. We should be grateful for those who were before us that didn't think war and separation was the answer to every problem we had as a nation. Understand how me we have grown in size and in resources, we should be very grateful for the country we have today!

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