By Austin

Plates are sections of land in the earths crust. They are moving all the time very slowly. Sometimes when they move, they move farther apart from each other. Other times they hit each other. The place that they hit is called the fault. The plates push until they break away and that causes an earthquake.

Plates and and how they move

What happens in a Earthquake?

The epicenter is the spot above where the plates break away and that’s where the most damage is. Earthquakes break roads and cars sometimes fall in the cracks. Sometimes buildings break. Earthquakes can also cause avalanches.

Damaged road after an earthquake.

Where Earthquakes Happen

Earthquakes happen on the edges of plates.

1994 Earthquake

On Jan. 17th 1994 at 4:30 am an earthquake hit Los Angeles. Sixty people died and many were without water and power. There were aftershocks for months. Aftershocks are little trembles in the Earth’s crust.

Bridge in Los Angeles, CA. Earthquake 1994

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