The Berlin Wall

Jessica Mathews -hour 1

President Ronald Reagan is giving a speech to take down the Berlin Wall

Who: The communist government of East Berlin built the wall. The people living in Berlin were Germans. The Soviets, East German leaders, and president Ronald Reagan were important people.

What: The Berlin Wall was a a wall that is a great symbol of the Cold War. The wall separated Germany (Berlin) into 2 parts. East and West Berlin were the parts. It began to form as a barbed wire fence with posts made of concrete but, later on it became more sturdy with concrete blocks.

When: On August 12th and 13th in 1961, a wall was built around the city of Berlin so no one could leave. After a long while, Ronald Reagan (president at the time) gave a speech in 1987 saying to tear the wall down. On November 9th, 1989 people could go through the opened up borders from West to East. By October 3rd in 1990, Germans officially became one country again. The wall was torn down by people chipping away at it.

Why: The wall was built to separate the East and West part of Berlin. The people on the West side of the Berlin Wall were free of communism (they were for democracy) and the people on the East side were communists. The Berlin Wall was built so the access to the West was not possible.

Where: The Berlin Wall was made in the city of Berlin. Berlin is a town in Germany. When the wall was built, there was an East and a West side of Germany.

Summary: The Berlin Wall began to be made in Berlin, Germany in the year of 1961. It was made by Germans. The wall was built to separate the East (communism) and West (democracy) sides of Berlin. It was a symbol of the Cold War. The Berlin Wall was at first, just a barbed wire fence but, later on it became a concrete wall. In 1987 president Ronald Reagan gave a speech announcing that the wall should be taken down. On October 3rd Germany became one again.

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