Email Etiquette Assignment

Alexis Ackles

1. Do not use text-speak because it can get people annoyed or not be able to understand what it says.

2. Do not forward jokes, games, or chain letters to your teachers or to your classmates because it could get there computer viruses.

3. Don't reply to spam because you let the spammers know your email account is live and in use.

4. Don't say or send inappropriate things because you can get in trouble with teachers and even the police and get your device privileges taking away.

5. Do not write in CAPITALS because it makes the person think you are yelling at them or you are mad also it is very rude.

6. Use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation because then the person does not how you are saying the word or the sentence.

7. Do not copy a message or attachment without permission because people could just keep sending it on and on.

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