The Decision-Making Model

Steve is excited about his school's
first game. He has already purchased his ticket and made plans to meet his friends there. On the night before the game, Steve's parents receive a phone call from friends in a city 30 miles away. Friday is the only time Steve's parents can go see they friends. His parents asked him to stay home to baby-sit his brother. The decision is his.

Step 2 -list the options:
He can go to the game or
He can baby-sit his brother.

Step 3-The possible outcomes:
He could go to the game and hang out with his friends or
He can baby-sit his brother and miss the school's first game

Step 4-Consider the Values:
If i leave my brother at home and go to the game, he could get hurt, but if I go to the game i could hang out with my friends.

Step 5-Make a decision and act it:
I think he should stay home with his brother and watch over him cause if he were to get hurt then Steve would feel bad. There are plenty of games to go to.

Step 6-Evaluate the Decision:
I think Steve's decision was a good choice.

A not so popular student has invited you to sleep over at a birthday party on Friday night but there is also a boy-girl party were all popular kids will be going. You have a choice of going to either one, but you have already told the not popular girl that you would go. What should you do?

Step2-List the options:
Can go to the not popular girls party
Or can go to the boy girl party

Step 3-Possible Outcomes:
She could tell the girl that she can't go to the party anymore that something came up in her family or she could do the right thing and go to the party she said she was gonna go to

Step 4-Consider the values:
Sh can go to the boy- girl party and leave the not popular girl out or she can go to her party.

Step 5-Make a decision and act it:
I think she should go to the nor girl party like she said she was and be a good friend

Step 6-Evaluate the Decision:
I think her decision was the best choice.

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