4/5 Year Milestone Project

Kids Sharing:

Sharing with other children.

Sleeping easier through out the night:

4-5 year olds sleeping better throughout the nigh

Physical Development

1. Playing and learning: The toddler can start learning how to share.

2.Draw a person with a body: Drawing will help them with their fine motor skills.

3. Can stand on 1 for for 9 seconds: Teaches the toddler coordination.

Gross Motor:

1. Can walk backwards

2. Can run on toes

3.Start Jumping rope

Fine Motor:

1. Stacking Blocks

2.Putting on/taking of their own clothes

3.Drawing and scribbling help the child's fine motor skills

Self-Help Skills:

1. Dressing/ undressing themselves

2.When your child enters Kindergarten, He/she should be self sufficient in the bathroom.

3.Packing his/her backpack

Cognitive Development:

1.Describing a picture in great detail.

2. Should be able to understand positional words

3.They have a longer attention span.

Language Comprehension:

1. Reading aloud to the child can help them understand the meaning of words.

2.They are starting to develop greater self-control and ingenuity.

3. They are starting to have an increased capacity for learning math concepts.

Expressive Language:

1. Their vocabulary is expanding to 900 words by age 4 and they can hold conversations using many correct grammatical structures (plurals, possession, pronouns, prepositions and adjectives).

2.You start hearing a lot of the "What" "How" questions.

3.They can tell you what certain things are used for specifically.

Math Readiness:

1.They can usually count to 5 or 10, and can tell you what number comes next in a series.

2. They can recognize and name shapes that have different sizes and orientations.

3.Can “count on” when using dice to play a math game or in other addition situations.

Social Development:

1.They are learning to understand about the feelings and needs of others, and their behavior shows that they can feel sympathy for others and can share their toys and take turns, at least some of the time.

2.Start to feel jealousy towards their parents relationships.

3.Organize games and make friends.

4.They can be a little bossy to other children

5. They can use the bathroom themselves.

Emotional development:

1.Uses pretend play to gain control of frustrating and frightening experiences

2.Experiences positive self-esteem, feels good about himself and takes pride in his accomplishments

3.Complies with requests from parents more often

4.Concentrates and works alone for up to 20 - 30 minutes

5.Keeps going on a difficult task for longer periods

Tips On Teaching~~~~

1. Expect more from the child.

2.Don't do things that she could to themselves

3.State the rules clearly so that there is no confusion.

4.Provide a safe platform for the kids to explore the world.

5.When they do something good, always make it known that you are proud of them.

~Thank you!

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