Atmosphere -By:Allie Delgado

Why The Atmosphere Is Important:

It has many important purposes it protects us from space radiation, meteors, keeps gases inside the Earth, controls the weather, protects us from harmful rays from the sun, and helps with magnetic field.

Facts about the Atmosphere:

It goes from cold to warm to cold to hot. It also four different layers( Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere.)

Troposphere- We live in the Troposphere that is also where the weather occurs 90 percent of earths mass.

Stratosphere- It gets cold but then gets warm it is the ozone layer also it protects us from the sun.

Mesosphere-Protects us from meteors gets colder in this layer and our middle layer.

Thermosphere- Hottest Layer(closest to sun) the oxygen is spread out in this layer which causes less pressure this layer is also where the Auroras occur.

Auroras-Are the lights which occur in the N+S poles there basically a light show of different colors.Caused by the magnetic field and solar wind when they react together.


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