Our trip to irland

I thought that « the trip will be long » and i was right !! We took the bus at half past eleven am, I was sat next Leanne, and to pass the time, we played a stupid but funny game like "the mime" . At eight o’clock pm we arrived at the Oscar Wilde, the biggest Ferry i’ve ever took ( maybe because it’s the first… ). There was a boom, it was very fun except that i was seasick. At half past eleven pm we came back to our room for the sleep time but it was most something like the Karaoke time :p It was the end of our first day of the trip to Irland !!


I woke up at seven am but i stayed in bed and let the others slept (i’m so kind), after the breakfast, we played some games like hide-and-sike and « the boat have an incredible talent ». After the lunch we began to watch a movie but unfortunaly we had to stop it : we were arrived to Irland!! We took the bus again and at around eight pm we finaly arrived and met the family.

I remenber the first discussion : she : « Who is with me ? » we: « us » she :« But i have only three girls !! » we :« No,no you have four »(… okay good begining :p) but in fact the Lady was very cool and kind.

Saturday :

We woke up at six am o’clock but we stayed in bed because we were tired. At half past eight, we did a little walk in the port and we saw a SEALION !! After we went to a museum in Dublin, we saw dried bodies… it was disgusting !! After the museum, we had some time for shooping, it was so cool, but i bought nothing. At half past two pm we played Gaelic Game it was sooooo funny. My favorit Gaelic game is the Gaelic foot. It’s really difficult, i forgot all the rules but i had lot of fun !!!

At eight pm, it was the time of irish dancing. It was one of my favorit moment, it was really funny. The irish dances are very tiring but so fun and exciting. I really liked this moment.

Sunday :

We went for a walk in Gendalough, a very little walk. After we watched a movie in the bus « After the earth ». At the end of the day we went at the commercial center and we bought foods.

This evening everyone met on the beach but not me. I stayed home to help Leanne to look for her wallet , after i played cards with her.


I think Monday was my favorit day. We went to a farm, called Causey farm. We did lot of funny things. First, we danced an irish dance, after we made bread, I cooked it with Leanne and it was so delicous!! After that we drawn on a wall. We made the most amazing, the most beautiful, the Best Chicken ever!! We did an irish dance again and after practised bodhran and played irish music. It was really fun. After we took the tractor and we sang « Who we are, Were do we come from…. » To finish the day we ate our bread and we came back home. In the evening we met together on the beatch. And this time i was there. A really funny moment. After this day i was so tired…


Thuesday was the shoping day !! great! To began the day we did a walk in Dublin, a little bit borring. After we did a treasure hunt. We visited a modern art museum and we did shooping during 4 hours. Unfortunately, after these four amazing days, we have to go back home. After a long travel in bus and boat we arrived in France !! We were back around five pm on the « Champ de Mars » All parents were waiting for us, but I was quite sad because it was over. It’s the best trip i’ve ever done with school!! I ‘ll remenber it all my life. Thanks a lot teachers !

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