European Exploration

By James McFadden

I am James McFadden with my loyal crew members asking you Phillip ll to fund my trip. Even though I am from Norway I will bring back untold riches for you and your country. I promise I will bring back gold for the money and wood so you can make houses and new castles. I want to leave for the New world 1580 because there aren't any economic problems now.

I will fend off are enemies by making peace, trading or killing them in necessary. The enemies I think we will encounter are the France, English and Portuguese. I will deal with the Natives by making peace or trading with them or killing them since they only have spears and bows. When I am on the ship and mother nature starts ramping things up I will put up my sails and hopefully be by land or if my crew betrays me I will throw them overboard. I will spread our Christian belief and if they don't move over to our religion than they shall be killed. I will try to make land near the bottom of the New world because I know there are lots of gold jackpots there.  I would look for myself gold  and wood so I can build my family a house and have nice furniture in there


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