Decoreo'S Much Ado Retelling

Don Pedro

To begin this tale i will bring us to a small country called Messina i ride with my trusted soldiers and my brother who i fear has plans of great deception for i can not yet tell if this is true, but i have my suspicions. As we ride in to town i see the town people getting ready for the arrival of us.As  moment of our arrival we removed and immediately bathed and clean for the party. Love was in the air for it was only a while before the party my dear friend Claudio had fallen in love with the young maid that is taken by the name of Hero.Tis  a problem my dear friend was unable to show the love that his heart bare for thee.I will take upon thine self the burden of wooing thee hand in love for you my friend by the second of our entrance of the party i will woo thee and thee father in your place to have her.They will be blind to thy words of love.Then it agreed tonight i will woo Hero in your place. There were torches lit and people with all types of masks we were to robe in all black coats with thy mask that show who we are, unaware by everyone else i  have taken Hero's hand with thee father's blessing. Tis the second i laid eyes on Claudio he seem ill.I was not sure if he was still aware of our plans i gave unto him Hero in his name.I now see new love project i will by thy own tongue woo sir Benedick and lady Beatrice in the art of love thy plan is to have them overhear talk of love.

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