cheapest fifa coins Both teams have undergone a baptism of the Champions League game of the week

Blue Moon to subvert the title pattern

20:45 on December 14, Beijing time, 16th in the Premier League will have a focused campaign, both sides as provisional leader arsenal and Manchester City to fourth in the table a column. Blue Moon in the first place in the standings from Arsenal have 6 points, matchup, cheapest fifa coins but the two sides are still considered a top race. The reason is simple, gaming companies are on the latest out of the Barclays Premier League title-odds list, Manchester City beat arsenal in the first place, Chelsea and Liverpool-disaggregated by three or four, ailing Manchester United only in fifth place, only with Tottenham and Everton. Blue Moon wants to prove that gaming companies eye is not wrong, this time at home against arsenal, will have to use a win to close the gap.

Shengping recommended: win, anti-

Both teams have undergone a baptism of the Champions League game of the week, although neither side has sent the main battle, but relatively speaking, the impact on the city's much smaller. Aguero, Yaya Toure, Kompany, Manchester City's core all the rest, while arsenal, ozil, Giroux are to play a full game, only the team leading scorer Aaron Ramsey didn't start, but also a substitute, so fitness is definitely home to Manchester City. In addition, the city plays his reserves in the number of cases, near-full away main play Bayern, two goals down with three goals, and morale was at its peak; on the contrary, the same leg of arsenal but flopped, losing 0:2 to Naples, and subject to much criticism.

Manchester City Home fared well this season, the tournament with 10 wins 1 loss record, 1:3 only in the Champions League defeat to Bayern Munich. In that 10 WINS, there is 4:0 WINS Newcastle, 4:1 win over Manchester United, 3:1 win over Everton, 6:0 strong dialogue within the Spurs Premier League WINS, obviously see that Blue Moon stability at Etihad Stadium. The gunman, upper 1:1 home draw by Everton, has shown weakness, although the results of the season on a roll, but some powerful conversations, comparing with the past is not strong. Victory over Spurs and Liverpool, is not too difficult for the former arsenal, against a weakened Manchester United continues to 0:1 a rematch, and was knocked out by Chelsea in the Cup, can be seen in the Gunners ' weaknesses are still apparent. Al Ittihad as a guest of this game, arsenal will be hard-pressed to get out, especially in the case of a continuous battle, it is easy to drop points, Premier League title as a whole pattern may be overwritten.