March of Mechanization

Anna and Oscar

Francis Cabot Lowell

Francis Lowell was an American industrial pioneer. Lowell built up an American textile manufacturing industry in just six years. He was inspired to start his own manufacturing company by a visit to England, after he saw the success the industry was having. He, along with investors created the Boston Manufacturing Company. He is famous for the revolutionary idea to hire "mill girls" to work in the mills for lower wages than men, but with many benefits. Sometimes these mill girls were as young as 15, they lived in boarding houses with chaperones and were paid in cash. Religious and educational activities were offered for these girls. Lowell died in 1817, leaving his company to continue to expand and reward its investors.


1. Why was America slow to embrace Industrialism as it spread from Europe to America?

A.) Land-starved peasants preferred to till their own land than be cooped up in a factory all day

B.) Because they thought of it as European culture, which they did not want.

C.) Because you didn't earn enough money working in factories.

D.) New England was the industrial dominator in the US.

E.) Because many industrialist workers would use fake stamps to make their products seem like expensive English imports.

2. All of the following made America’s Industrial growth slow except...

A.)Long established British factories who had no competition

B.) Peasants refused to be cooped up and work in factories.

C.) Labor and consumers were scarce for American Industrialists.

D.) The foundation of small manufacturing enterprises that was slow in production.

E.) The British had a monopoly on the textile machinery.


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