By: Maddie G

Momentum- A characteristic of a moving object that is related to the mass and the velocity of the object.

Conservation of momentum- In the absence of outside forces like friction, the total momentum of objects that interact does not change.

                              Momentum = Mass x Velocity or p=m x v

We us "P" for momentum because they used the word "impetus" instead of momentum, and this word means "petere" which is Latin.

A heavy moving van can have the same momentum as a small motorcycle if the motorcycle goes fast and the van goes slow.

A sticky collision is when something has the same mass and get tangled together when collided. After the objects collide they share the same momentum.

A  non-sticky collision is when two objects of the same mass don't stick together and outside forces (such as friction) are negligible, the objects just trade velocities.  

Elastic Collision
Inelastic Collision

If you threw a piece of clay on the ground it would be a sticky collision because it would stick to the floor and not bounce off.

Angular Momentum- When an object spins around and around like a top instead of going straight. Planets and stars are good examples becuase they all spin around because they orbit.

Angular Momentum