Google Tips and Tricks

1. You Can Set a Timer

In your google search bar type 'set timer' and click enter. From there you can choose the time you want and have it count down.

2. You can Define Words Easily

In your google search bar, type 'define' or 'definition of' and follow with a word. This will quickly get you the definition of a word.

3. Find Out What Movies are Playing

To find out what movies are playing in your local theaters type 'movies (your zip code)'.

4. You Can Roll a Virtual Die

In your google search bar type 'roll a die' then press enter. It will automatically roll a 6 sided die, and then you can roll it more.

5. Make Google Turn in a Circle

This is more of an entertaining and fun trick. In the google search bar start typing 'do a barrel roll'. while you are typing that, the whole page will essentially barrel roll.

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