My First Thoughts of UTA .....

Chandler Askie


My first thoughts when we got there was this is going to be confusing where to go and it will be a big headach tring to find everyone in this big place.

                  I would consider appling to UTA  because its a good school and they have alot  of majors so they have something for almost everybody. I liked the magic show the best because I learnd something new and it was very fun wathing them set stuff on fire and making things bubble up so you think that it would blow up. The  part I liked the least was not going on the tour because it was rainingand I really wanted to go on the tour but it was ok staying in the College Park Center.

Next year I would suggest that they should go to the doorms and see how they look and get an ideaof what there college doorm will look like.

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