By: Zach Speaker

The Transcendentalism beliefs that I believe in are beauty and individualism.  If there is one thing that American Transcendentalists can be identified by, it is contemplation of beauty.  The Transcendentalists thought of beauty as eternal.  They loved the beauty of nature such as snow drifts, the shapes and colors of leaves, and the way the light of the sun falls down on Earth.  Beauty is the most natural belief by the Transcendentalists.  I believe in beauty because everything around us is beautiful!  Nature is the most beautiful thing and that is why the Transcendentalists had such a strong love for it.  If you believe in beauty it makes you a more happy and peaceful person.  The other Transcendentalism belief I believe in is Individualism.  Individualism is one of the basic ideas of Transcendentalism.  It inspires free thought and actions based on a single persons values and no one elses.  It's the idea of thinking for oneself without anyone elses thoughts or rules.  I believe in Individualism because it makes the most sense.  Everyone should have their own thoughts and ideas without anyone telling them that they are wrong.  It makes you a better person by becoming one with yourself.

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