A New Man

By: Shiv Patel Pd. 5 Mr. Nuneville

Summary- Europe and America are diverse, not in simply size and people, but more in depth to equality and prosperity. One can excel from being a slave, to becoming a free man with land included. In America one is an individual.

The reason I choose this image is due to the fact that in the passage, the most important traits of coming to America was to have pride, have some sort of power, and most importantly freedom. Hector talks about the struggles and conflicts he faced daily while being in Europe, but then he talks about the endless possibilities there are in America. " From nothing to start into the being; from a servant to the rank of a master; from being the slave of some despotic prince, to become a free man" Hector describes the immense and amazing changes that can be made from coming to American how you gain pride in yourself, instead of being a slave with no power to a individual with his own power and mainly freedom.

The reasoning behind the song I picked is that it describes how his "Dream Is To Be Free" which is connected towards one of America's most significant figures the all known Martin Luther King. This song expresses the feelings of being free and being united with one another, not to fight or cause conflict but to aid one another and create peace and unity. This is exactly what Hector wanted to describe in his letters about America and Europe how in America there is more freedom then his eyes could behold. In the song the singer/rapper says " Born on the Black List, told I'm below average. A life with no cabbage, that's no money if you from where I'm from" which is a quote people have said where if your born into a certain ranking, color, and economic level regulates the direction headed. This is exactly what Hector describes in his letter about Europe then going to America can change all that.

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