Erosion is when something is being swept away.


The process that breaks up and carries away the rocks and soils that make up the Earth’s surface is called erosion. It is caused by flowing water, waves, glaciers, and the wind, and it constantly changes the shape of the landscape. Erosion happens more quickly on bare rock, which is unprotected by soil. It often begins with weathering, where rocks are weakened by the weather’s elements, such as sunshine, frost, and rain.wind erosion.Sand blown by strong winds has sculpted the slender sandstone pillars of Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA. Their rugged outlines are caused by the softer layers of rock are being eroded more quickly than the harder layers. Wind erosion is common in deserts, where sand is blown about because there are few plants to hold the soil in place and there is no rain to bind the soil particles together.

This video talks about what erosion is and what happens when something is eroded.It also talks about how floodwaters effects rocks and cliffs,and talks about how it effects homes.

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