Highly Necessary VanBox USB Wall Charger

Finding a charger that can sustain these expensive gadgets at the same time is highly necessary. You can save time charging gadgets simultaneously. VanBox USB wall charger is considered as one of the most advanced charger that can provide power to devices such as iPads, smart phones, e-readers and tablets. It replaces the bulky adapters with low profile wall charger. This compact, sleek charger provides power and recharges two devices at the same time without sharing the power. It makes use of the leading Smart Charge Technology, which automatically delivers the right current to the devices connected based on the power requirement. For ease of transport and storage, it has folding AC prongs, which makes this wall charger a dependable companion for office, home or on the go.

The makers of VanBox were able to pull off a versatile wall charger that is both elegant and practical for ordinary users and tech savvy individuals. With its light, smooth design that targets to appeal to both the professional and casual users, it is best for office and household users. Its attributes make it useful for individuals who like to travel, which makes it ideal for those who requires charging several devices simultaneously. Made from materials of excellent grade, the VanBox USB wall charger can withstand accidental falls, shocks, and even the highest temperatures. Despite this, it's still stylish, highly portable, lightweight, and it doesn't produce noise while charging. Plus, those who carry it even after a few rounds of charging won't feel any kind of heat, as it keeps itself heat-free even while plugged in.

There are a hundreds of mobile phone chargers out there, I should know I have tested most of them, but only a handful really stand out. One of the biggest problems mobile phone chargers have is how slow they are when it comes to charging a mobile phone.

The USB Wall Charger can charge other devices, which includes many smartphones such as Samsung, allowing people to stop worrying when their charger has broken or when it is not working as fast as it should do. No longer have two people had to shop around for a charger that only charges one phone, with the VanBox being a universal charger it allows people no matter what device they have to get their battery power to life.

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USB Wall Charger is designed to provide Dell Venue Tablet users easy port expansion, by allowing them to add an additional full-size USB port while also simultaneously charging the device via the micro USB port. Easily connect your essential peripherals, such as external hard drives, while also concurrently charging your Venue Tablet via the Venue’s charging cable. Moreover It is easy to throw this small, compact dongle in your pocket or bag and take in on-the-go in order to stay productive virtually anywhere. This dongle simply plugs in to your Venue’s micro USB port. With all these features and more it provides 2 input ports such as micro USB port and full-size USB port. For mor5e information visit the site http://www.ivanbox.com/ .

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