Koala's in Danger

By: Mia Erickson

A long time ago there millions of koalas in the eucalyptus. But not any more. People began killing them for their fur, and then began destroying there homes to make room for farms and cabins.

Without the trees of the forest these furry little creatures have no where to live!!!

More than a decade ago a survey of the Koala Coast, a 93,000-acre region in southeastern Queensland, estimated a koala population of 6,200; today there are believed to be around 2,000.

De Villiers is caring for five koalas at once: Ruby, Luna, Tia, Mr. T, and Munchie. Ruby is quiet, Luna is ticklish, Tia likes to jump, Mr. T is mischievous, and Munchie is aloof. Every other day de Villiers cuts and collects eucalyptus leaves, the koalas' primary food, from a nearby plantation. During the past 12 years, she's fostered more than 60 animals.

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