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3D Printing Camp

Cardboard Structures

Today in 3D printing camp we learned about structure. We all had to make a structure out of cardboard and make it withstand three tests. Dropping a small heave ball on the structure, having the counselor smash the structure with his hand, and throwing it at a wall. Some people's fortress didn't withstand the tests, but others did. My fortress was in a triangular shape with a platform on the bottom. When you drop a ball on it, the ball rolls off the structure. When someone tries to hit the fortress from the top, all the force from the top funnels down to the other two sides onto the platform and doesn't do damage. The platform on the bottom of my structure made throwing it glide and spin in the air, and when it hit the wall it was softened from the slow glide. My structure was a very light and durable. From that, I have learned that the lightest of  structures can be very strong.    

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