Classroom Connections Newsletter 5/9/14


Culture Fest Slips and Money need to be turned in ASAP.

The end of the year is coming up soon. Be sure to finish the year strong. I have seen some behaviors and work ethic going down in some students. Don't let that be you.

Next Week is Spirit Week. It's $0.25 cents a day or $1.25 for the week to dress up.

Country Projects

Country Project Presentations are in full swing. If you don't remember when you are presenting, please check the Country Project Site below.

Next week is the last week I will accept late Country Project Essays!!!!!

Fractured Fairy Tales

In language arts, we will be starting writing fractured fairy tales. We start with the old fairy tale and then "fracture" it. In other words, we change the original storyline. We'll be applying what we have learned - dialogue, figurative language, simple sentences, compound sentences, and complex sentences - into our writing. If you'd like to watch some fracture fairy tales see the YouTube Link below.


To finish out the year, my reading class students will have the option to participate in a book club by reading and discussing a novel or working in several of the Scope Magazines that we have available. They have the option to pick which route they like to go. Novels are basically novels and Scope Magazine focuses on high-interest topics and also throws in some pop culture.

Social Studies

The students recently finished up the Middle Ages. We'll be starting the Renaissance as we are presenting our country project presentations.

Recent Happenings

Below you'll find some pictures of some recent things that we have been working on. It includes country project presentations, Middle Ages Madness, and Readers Theater.

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