Jamirah's Music Memory List

W.C. Handy

W.C. Handy was a man who wanted to play music. As a child he was prohibited from all music but church music.This is because his father thought all music was bad but the music in the church. W.C.Handy always had a huge imagination to where he thought each animal was a special instrument. He lived from 1873-1958, and he grew up in a log cabin in Alabama. He graduated high school and left home in search of money for college but soon found himself homeless. One day while walking past a saloon, Handy heard a man singing and asked if he could try. Everyone loved him. After a while of playing at the saloon, Handy joined the Minstrels. He soon found that he could make money by performing and selling his songs. He became successful with his first song “Memphis Blues”.

W.C. Handy is the “Father of Blues”. He was the first person to successfully publish blues music. Blues music is very sad music that is also funny with a rhythmic pattern. Blues music has slow tempo. Blues is the type of song that says the problem and in the last line of the song, the problem is fixed. W.C. Handy is known as the Father of Blues because he made all blues music.

In my honest opinion, blues’ music isn’t what I would listen to on a daily basis. I normally listen to more modern types of music like Taylor Swift or Chris Brown. I’m not saying that blues’ music is bad or anything but it’s just not what this generation of kids listen to. I think Handy is a wonderful man in making music and he has true talent in making blues’ music. I also think that Handy is very intelligent by learning how to make his own style of music. In conclusion, I like Handy and his music is great, but his music is not for me.

Carl Orff

  • Born in 1895
  • He played the piano, drum, glockenspiel, and harmonica
  • He grew up near a military base
  • He founded a school for music and movement with Dorothee Gunther
  • The school was closed down due to political pressure
  • The school got bombed during World War II
  • He started a radio show
  • He began teaching other music educators his technique of teaching
  • He created Orff Instruments
  • He composed Carmina Burana

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