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Climate Change Effects Biodiversity

            This article gave some insanely great points in the ideas of the climate change effecting the biodiversity of many environments especially the polar ice caps. It gave key points on the dangers of the ice melting while giving broad and very compelling statements that give the reader a very reasonable thought on wanting to improve the situation. It gave great facts that helped back up the idea of the article while helping the reader understand the great dangers it brings to biodiversity in the area. It had many compelling pictures and graphs that really helped the whole idea fit together in a very simple way, but also giving the many factoids and important chunks that can help the reader understand the whole purpose of the article. The article spoke of many concepts and some solutions while giving some very beneficial ideas in the process. A big key was talking about the animals effected by climate change and how it could completely alter their existence. The article was very understandable and helped the ideas of climate change be understood in a simple way. It made readers want to help the world.

             The article was a very fine piece of work that gave many inspiring ideas about how the whole concept of climate change and how it is effecting many environments and their ecosystems. The article made it clear on how the climate change is greatly effecting biodiversity and causing many problems in today's world. I like how the article brought up about the many habitats that are being effected and the great key points about each while giving great intel on the whole purpose itself. I very much enjoyed the many pictures, graphs, and videos that helped me fully understand each point and have a visual concept of each factoid to help me fully understand each concept. The article had many great benefits about improving on the environment and stopping the climate changes that are harming biodiversity. The article mostly shed light on all the horrible effects of climate change fully underlining the whole disadvantages of climate change especially on biodiversity. Many of the sub sections in the article talked about all the problems and complications arisen from the certain effects from the whole climate change problem.

Reducing Acid Rain

               This article really heightened the solutions on preventing acid rain and fully disregarding the problem as a whole. It talked mostly about the reduction of acid rain and how it will overall help the environment greatly. It talked about the cause and effect of acid rain in very great detail to give the reader a great understanding of how the whole concept works. It talked about how in order to solve the problem people need to understand how harmful acid rain is to the environment. It then gave sub sections to help the reader understand each solution on further improving the reduction of acid rain and giving a much lighter feel to the environment by further bettering it. Each point gave many factoids and justifications on each point to help improve upon the reduction. It then talked about looking into the future since that gives an understanding on how acid rain will effect the future. The article finished on talking about how the reader should take action as an individual to further eliminate acid rain.

             I did very much enjoy this article since it helped me give a more understanding behind the whole acid rain situation. It was very well thought out and organized and gave me a fantastic viewpoint on the whole problem solving on acid rain. The article had many justifications behind each idea to help me know the whole process in stopping this harmful climate error. I loved ow it gave that excerpt about looking into the future which related to me greatly since I mostly have the idea of bettering nature for the future generation to enjoy the beauty and greatness it has to off, but it could be mostly demolished from the horrible acid rain created by many of us people. I did like how it ended on the idea of taking action as an individual to help create a solution. Some advantages talked about the many different ways to prevent acid rain by using different energy sources. It also spoke of just the few moments it takes to clean these energy source outputs to fully improve the environment when the process is going through, smoke stacks and exhaust pipes. The disadvantage would be most likely the cost since changing energy sources to better the environment could cost more and taking time to clean up would take precious time for "business."

Backyard Bird Watching Experience

                        I decided to take some time out of my busy schedule in order to catch some bird action out in my backyard. I took about an hour to just sit in my backyard looking at trees and my bird feeder (with little to none food in it) hoping to catch some glimpses at the common birds in Oak Lawn. From my experience I learned a lot about patience and to enjoy the beauty of nature. I spent some time also playing basketball in my backyard which I mostly do anyways. I live about a block away from "Wolf Wildlife" (which will be written about in my next experience) which is a natural wetlands area where several animals and birds live along with a couple of beautiful little playgrounds. I did some research on the most common types of birds while sitting and watching, and I came up with about two birds I'm almost positive I saw fly past or rest for a few seconds. The two I believe were the white-breasted nuthatch and the black-capped chickadees. I don't entirely know if it where those two species, but with the research I have done and the looks of the two I think it is safe to say those are as close as I'll get. The bird feeder was a very useful weapon in spotting the birds, but it was extremely challenging to find them after they attacked the bird feeder and flew away. The pictures show the bird feeder and many tree locations that I believe provided an area for birds. The experience really helped me truly appreciate the greatness and fresh air has to offer. It helped me understand the whole point of understanding nature through observing it just like how we do in class for phenology. The break from the fast paced life of Marist felt nice by just relaxing and taking an hour of my life to just really appreciate the creatures and loveliness of nature.

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3 years ago

Way to get outside and watch those birds, Kevin! Nice job! Perhaps next time you'd see more if there was food in the feeder! 50/50