K-12 Moblie Learning apps

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Quizlet - Flashcards & Study Tools

What is it: The study Quizlet app allows students to study on the go.  They can create study cards or search for ones crea

ted by other people.  Allows for the use of images and audio to help study and can also make mini games to help with studying.

How can it be used?: Students who have difficulty with finding time to study can now but in time where ever they go.  Especially good with language classes for students who need visual, competition and repetition when studying.  The goal of the app is to help improve study habits for students who need extra motivation to put in the time.

Math Ref (free or paid)

What is it: Math ref is a ios app that co

ntains helpful formulas, figures, tips and examples for students to refer to.  The free version has 700 samples within the app, while the paid version for $2.29 has 1,400 samples in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

How can it be used?: Math Ref is an awesome tool for students to refer to if they are struggling with a concept or unit in class.  Categories include Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Series & Sequences, etc.


What is it?: GoodReader is a PDF reader app where you can make annotations on virtually anything.  Books, movies, maps, pictures can all be edited with the annotation tool.  Highlight, add text boxes, popu

p comments, sticky notes, free hand notes, etc. Can be stored in Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

How it can be used?: This ios app would be useful for students to can notes and comment on class slides that they can download onto their device.  This will allow students multiple ways to record notes that works best for them.  This is espeacially helpful for students who are visual learners.


What is it?: desmos is a graphing tool that allows students to plot any equation, from lines to parabolas.  It uses sliders for easy use to edit the graphs.  With a large list of features this apps aims to improve mathematical literacy

How can it be used?: This a good tool for teachers to use to help illustrate mathematical ideas to students since they can overlay images along with the graph so that children can see the real life uses of mathematical formulas.


What is it?: TypeDrawing is a unique drawing app that offers students different ways to express their creative visions.  The app allows them to create typography art.   After typing in a sentence, they can draw with their finger.  With many features to alter the art works this app is perfect for visual learners.

How can it be used?: This app would works well as an alternative way for language students to present literary work in an art form. For students that have difficulty with reading or writing in a formal context, this will allow them to express themselves better.

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