Helping The Needy

1. How can I help people  in need?

I could volunteer at a soup kitchen. Most people that try to help out the needy normally volunteer at soup kitchens. They can also have fundraisers to get money for the homeless or (less fortunate). I could donate some of my clothes and shoes to the homeless shelter. I could also ask others to do the same.

2.What could I give to people in need ?

Most people in need mostly need food and water. I could make food for the needy and deliver it to them. I could also give people things to keep warm with such as blankets or pillows to sleep with. I could also give them clothes and shoes.

3. how can others help the needy or (less  fortunate).

A lot of people ask this question and if you haven't maybe you should. Some ways other people can help out are to take some of the clothes that don't fit them or they have no use for and donate them. Also in your spare time that you have maybe you can volunteer at a soup kitchen or the homeless shelter. Not a lot of people take it in to consideration that there are other people in this world that cant afford as much as other people can. If you were to take a couple hours of your day just to help others it would make a big difference.

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