World Religions: Judaism, by Michael Ayers

                                                                   536 B.C.E   

This is the star of David, Judaisms main symbol

This is Mesopotamia, where Judaism was made.

This is a guess at what Abraham, the creator of Judaism, might look like
This is a Menorah. Think of it as a Jewish Christmas tree

The Jewish are close to Christians in many beliefs. They are monotheistic, meaning they believe in one God. They celebrate many holidays, the holiest being Yom Kippur. A well known holiday is Hanukkah. The most known story is the story of David and Goliath. The symbol of Judaism was named after David, who defeated the four armed giant Goliath when no one else would.

They are monotheistic.

This is a Rabbi, the leader of a Synagogue

This is the Torah, the Jews sacred text

This is the Hebrew symbol for Life

This is a synagogue, a Jewish place of worship

Two well known holidays are Yom Kippur and Hanukkah

Once more i put the main Jewish symbol, the star of David. I have learned much about Jewish culture, such as when a persons name is mentioned, and that person is hated by all Jews, you shake a rattle in hatred. Or that most Jews are Kosher, meaning they won't eat clean food or pork. All in all, Judaism is an interesting religion.

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