Journalism: A world of events

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Question 1:

How do you maintain a career in journalism? did provide an inside look on those who have a career in journalism.

Caroline McMillanBusiness Reporter, The Charlotte Observer

Caroline states that journalism has a large experimental learning environment, meaning that you have to be open minded and have a growing mindset, so that you have the possible succession in your career.

Question 2:

Are there several branches beyond news anchors and reporters?

There are several branches of journalism, such as broadcast, investigative, photojournalism, sports, communication careers. These careers are supported  by

However the website is not full of many options whereas other websites provide more information and description. For instance a website may say;a form of journalism is debate. Debate is a form of journalism where you have to be able to argue a topic that is provided by others. While I'm curious about the other forms of journalism, i think it would be a good idea to focus

question 3:

How does a person need to know to be a journalist? (requirements, education,etc.)

This website is the perfect choice if you need to see the requirements for a career in journalism. According to the website you will need at least a Bachelor's degree in journalism, English, and/or communications depending on what classes you take and college you attend.Depending on which career you are looking into you may have to have a 4-year degree. In certain cases you will need to have background knowledge form working at a college newspaper, or an internship with a newspaper, magazine, news station, etc.

Final Answers

Question 1: How do you maintain a career in journalism?

Answer: You go into the workplace with an growth mindset, an experimental attitude, the positive and respectful aspects for all other employees, and the ideas that have slowly grown over time.

Question 2: Are there several branches of journalism beyond new anchors and reporters.

Answer: Yes. Some jobs include broadcast, investigation, photojournalism, sports, communications,etc.

Question 3: What are the necessary requirements for a career in journalism?

Answer: Education wise you will need at least a bachelor's degree or in some cases a 4-year degree. Most of the time background knowledge will be required to gain the job, so it is a magnificent idea to have an internship before you start an actual paying career in that field.

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