Sheryl Swoopes Life

Mack Jewert


Sheyrl Swoopes is the number 1 basketball player in WNBA. Every game the crowd shouts ''SWOOPES SWOOPES SWOOPES SWOOPES!'' You might think she's just a basketball player well your wrong she never gives up or turns down a fight she dosen't let her fans down.


Sheryl Swoopes was born in Brownfield Texas on March 25th,1971.

She has 3 bothers 2 older brothers named James and Earl and a younger brother Brandon.

Her father left her right after she was born. Her brothers played basketball all the time and when was Sheyrl 8 Sheyrl starting to like basketball and starting to play on a team and with her brothers but her brothers played tough and especially on little Sheyrl. Her family was poor they couldn't afford new clothes like her friends and her mom had to work three jobs for the hole family.

Life changes

In High School Sheyrl got the scored 26 points and 18 rebounds.First she went to college at Texas University then she got homesick and went to Texas Tech the second best basketball team for women first is Texas Longhorns. At Texas Tech she scored 56 points in 2 games.Sheyrl didn't get money for playing so she was a Nike spokes person and got her own shoes "Air Swoopes" like Micheal Jordan Air Jordan's. In 1993 she earned Female Athlete Award. In Alanta she became in the Final four to the advanced team.

why is she famous?

In 1996 Sheyrl won a GOLD medal. In 1997 the Comets asked Sheyrl to be on their team.She became famous by playing and practicing and went to provincial.

Other Info

Sheyrl married in 1995 her High School boyfriend. Sheyrl had a kid and named him Jordan after her good friend Micheal Jordan. Sheyrl is number 22.

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