Haley Austin Hour 3

The Industrial Revolution was urbanizing, alternating but it was innovation, For it was filled with knowledge, new ideas and methods.Telegraph, sewing machine, phonograph and telephone were some major inventions invented during the industrial revolution. The time period 1760 to 1840 was filled with innovation and advancement, It is what shaped our country today. New contraptions were being made almost every day, It was to make everything easier and faster. The Industrial Revolution brought many people to the United States, and with more people there were more and more inventions and ideas with enhanced methods. The Industrial Revolution was a new idea on a whole another parallel, It was something new and exciting for people of our country. Steam engines were a very important inventions because it powered the machines in which that led to our new generators and power sources, it was something innovating that catches peoples eyes and said I want to make that better, easier and make it faster. Although the workers in the Industrial Revolution time period were pushed and pulled to the limits…. Literally, They gave people jobs and shelter. The Industrial Revolution inspired people to make new ideas and let them share their thoughts. Laissez Faire supported middle class people with their ideas and motivated them to share them. Laissez Faire was a “practice that usually deliberated abstention from individual freedom of choice and action”. This allowed anyone to build or share their ideas no matter what social class. The Industrial revolution was a very important and dramatic time for our country, It was innovation.

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