Mood and Emotion
The mood and emotion is when the photo tells its mood from the people and things in the picture.

This photo is important because there is nothing around it and the sun looks like it is coming towards you. The photo rule imply's in this photo because it really captures the mood in the photo.

this photo is important because the two siblings are bonding over playing with something in their hands. The photo looks peaceful.

This photo is apart of the mood and emotion rule because the boat is alone and there is nothing to distract the person.

This photo is important because there is no one on the water and you can really just see the lighthouse in the background.

This photo is important because the kid looks like it has a hard life and it looks like they are moving.

This photo is that the father and son look sad like something happened but the important part is that they are together.

This photo really captures the emotion in his face and he looks very depressed.

This photo looks like the town is peaceful and the sunset in the background is stunning and the mood once again is the same.

We like this photo because the little girl is having fun on the beach and she looks very happy to be at the beach and she looks very intergetic in her arms.

The mood is very tiring because of the sunset in the back and everyone is going away from land.

This photo is sad because it is in a cemetery and the photo is in black and white and no one is there so it is kind of depressing.   

The mood seems happy because they are very close and there is to be good emotion between them. The background also seems like they are happy or on a vacation.