3 Language Comprehensions

1. By now your child has a pretty good understanding of language and comprehends a lot more than he can say

2. Development experts say most 2-year-olds have a vocabulary of at least 50 words

3. Between the ages of 2 and 3, your child will understand the basic building blocks of relationships: Love and trust

3 Expressive Language Milestones

1. Mommy

2. Daddy

3. bye-bye

3 Math Readiness Milestones

1. Understanding size, shape, and patterns

2. Ability to count verbally (first forward, then backward)

3. Identifying more and less of a quantity

5 Social Development Milestones

1. Finds it difficult to control her feelings, which often results in a tantrum

2. Can play with other children her own age for a short time, though sharing is still difficult

3. Loves imaginative play such dress-ups and make-believe

4. Can still confuse reality and fantasy

5. Enjoys copying adult's behavior and activities

5 Emotional Development Milestones

1. Shows strong sense of self as an individual

2. Recognizes feelings when emotions are labeled by adult

3. Continues to find the regulation of emotions difficult. As a result, frustration may still trigger tantrums.

4. Extends trusting relationships to other adults and to children with whom he or she plays frequently

5. Shows preferences for these adults and children

5 Tips for Teaching

1. Give the toddlers acceptable choices to simple questions

2. Avoid open ended questions, but give the child some choices

3.Take advantage of the two year old's desire to imitate adult actions by mirroring educational fingerplays with the students

4. Allow preschool children to explore and create at this age

5. Modeling clay, paper, and crayons help them develop their fine motor skills and creativity at the same time

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