Controlling - Short Tempered - Greedy

All I wanted was

land for myself

Jack to wash my problems away

enough money for some time with a whore

a night in a motel room

Lennie to be independent

But I didn't want

to lose Lennie

to work for others for the rest of my life

to let Aunt Clara down

to always be on the run

someone to be responsible for

Facts about George:

When people asked about Lennie, George would say that they were cousins, but later on in the book he admits that they aren't related. George also blames Lennie for his terrible life, saying that he would be better off  he didn't have to look after him. Even though George says some horrid things about Lennie, his actions show that he really does care about him.



George portrays himself as a parent figure to Lennie. He makes all of the decisions, and tells him what to do and what to say.


George opens up to Candy very quickly. He trusts him with being involved in the future farm, and helping him figure out what to do after Lennie kills Curley's wife.


Before George even meets Curley, he already dislikes him. He hears that he is always looking to pick a fight. George tries to keep his distance from him and wants nothing to do with Curley.

Overall, George is a short tempered man. He is bossy but mainly only to Lennie. He wants a friendship where he doesn't have to take care of the other, like with Candy. He doesn't trust easily, and thinks with his head, not his heart.

Affects the Plot and Theme:

Without George in the book, Lennie wouldn't be able to function. He wouldn't know what to do, where to go, or what to say. He most likely would be in jail, or dead. Meaning, he would never get to the farm in the first place and meet the other characters. Also, the book wouldn't end the way it did.

I believe that the theme of this book is loneliness. So, George affects this by being friends with Lennie. If Lennie didn't have George, he would be lonely. Also, George befriends Candy at a time of need. Candy starts to feel like no one at the farm cares about him anymore, nor tries to make an effort to talk to him unless it's complaining about his dog. When George shows interest in Candy, he starts gaining hope that he could get off the farm and not be solitude anymore.

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