So i was at the walmart and i bought me a pair of mens undies. wooo wee they stunk so bad i would gag if i was within a mile of dem stanky things  I RETURNED THEM FOR A TOTAL OF 9.99 AND I GOT A FREE 6" Sub FROM THE Subway inside the walmart.Man what a day.The Wolf is unrelated.
    The Stages of Fatness



   - Healthy

   - Pudgy

  - Chubby

   - Fluffy

   - Fat

  -Supa Fat

  - WOW



      - Tub of lard

      -Kill yourself

       - Gangsta Fat

        -Ate yourself to death

      - Honey Boo Boo

        -Honey Boo Boos Mom

         -Honey Boo Boos Mom Times Infinity

         - Walrus




             - Earth



                 - Universe

                  - INFINITY

        -House Fly

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