The Stayfine Diet

Learn how the Stayfine Diet can help you stay fit, intelligent, natural & energetic with this report from Stayfine University - Winter 2015

"Success is a [system] > sustaining your strength to earn more...," Ronnie C. Wright

Dear Finefit Friends:

The Stayfine Diet is a lifestyle diet designed to clear your

[path] > personal avenue to health.

Stay Fit! Stay Intelligent! Stay Natural! Stay Energetic! — Stayfine!

This is a New Year, a New Day and a New Diet that works for life!

Take [action] > actively choosing to improve options now and, see

[results] > realizing every step ultimately leads to success with this

report from Stayfine University. Why does the Stayfine Diet deliver?

The answer is in the word [diet] > developing internal energy today.

The key is "energy" - in essence - "you are what you eat"

If you eat good food then you fuel good energy as a result of this

action to help you [change] > creating habits around new growth everyday...

How can you start and sustain a lifestyle diet? Begin inside first,

by employing word "diet" as a tool:

[(D)ARE] > Developing A Reason Everyday

[(I)NVEST] > Increasing Nutritional Value Enhancing Success Today

[(E)ARN] > Establishing A Return Now

[(T)RAIN] > Turning Routine Actions Into Nourishment for strength.

The Stayfine Diet is not a weight-loss program.
The Stayfine Diet a self-improvement system.

Further, the Stayfine Diet inspires you to increase

[abc] > awareness, balance & conditioning for strength to achieve more by first finding
the inner ability to [see] > sure evidence everyday; and second - to produce power to elevate
your [skills] > or in other words: 'specialized knowledge increasing life long success...'
So, [start] > simply try achieving results today.

This little report is sent to you because I believe self-improvement should be

one of our top priorities. It puts you in a position to help family, friends and


This is a personal invitation to fine fitness. Attend an event or submit a comment.

Let's team up and win!

Stayfine My Friends...

Ronnie C. Wright aka Dr. Stayfine

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