Lies In Congress.

This ad is for Stacey Stout for State Representative, thats also a negative ad towards Peter Fischer her opponent, also running for State Representative. This ad was paid for by the Republican Party of Minnesota. This ad has a positive look for Stacey, and a negative look for Peter. On Stacey’s side of the ad, there are pictures of stacey reading to children, a cleanly- wiped chalk board, and an apple sitting on the corner of a desk. Also has repeating of the phrase “Stacey Stout knows”. Peter Fischer’s side of the ad is not as positive as Stacey’s side. there is a poorly wiped off chalkboard, a big apple fading and getting smaller, representing childrens’ grasp on the information that they are supposed to learn. also there is only one picture of Peter, like a selfie taped to the chalk board. “Thanks To” are emotionally charged words, negatively about Peter. Due to these differences in Ads towards opponents, i think they accomplished making his ad negative.

Stacey did a good job of making herself seem more interested in helping the children and their education level.Stating she knows how important a quality teacher is because a quality teacher is key to a quality education. I think that this ad is very misleading, Stacey Stout makes herself look all good with children because she is a mother. She makes Peter FIscher look like he does not care about the children or their education. Stating he voted to lower the teaching standards, causing children to fail in schooling.

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