Rube Goldberg Machine

Project for STEM Class

A classic Rube Goldberg design.

Choosing my project (entry 1)

I chose to make a 4-5 stage Rube Goldberg machine.

I chose this because because I enjoy making a successful machine.

I want to learn how to incorporate simple machines into chain reactions.

I think it would be cool to work as an engineer.

Intro for research (entry 2)

We watched 3 videos on simple machines for some useful ideas. I am amazed at how complex some are.

Research part 2 (entry 3)

We watched more videos on machines. Some videos included simple machines like pullys and levers.

Questions answered entry 4

We started brainstorming and drawing the first stages of our project. We didnt have time to get pictures of our plans.

What are you finding out (entry 5)

We finished drawing up our project and tried to make a zipline. We couldn't get it to make a ball roll down a track.

What are you finding out (entry 6)

We finally made a successful zipline by creating a weird thing to go down it. We also used a fan to propel it.

special terms entry 6

Some terms we need to know for our machine are pully, zipline, lever, and kinetic energy.  We have currently used a zipline and kinetic energy but are trying to add more.

special terms entry 7

We are trying to find different ways of energy transfer.Like a ball like cutting a string.

Technical parts of your project entry 8

The technical parts of my machine include a zipline a pulley and multiple energy transfers. We are trying to get a ball to cut a string to release a pulley.

This is our first 2 stages (a little late)

Tech Stuff Part 2 entry 9

We are having a problem figuring out how to make a ball in a cup fall onto something that will trigger another step. We have had to scrap the ball cutting the string.

You Decide entry 10

We are now having the ball fall through a hoop. Then it will fall onto a teeter totter releasing a balloon up a string.

You Decide entry 11

The balloon will release air and get dragged up a string. This will then knock a glass of water into something.

You Decide entry 12

A straw will be put through a string that leads up to a cup that next to a sink. A balloon will be taped to the straw so it will knock the cup over.

What is your next step entry 13

We cannot figure out how to weigh the balloon down.  Then we cant get the ball to release the balloon.

You aren't done! entry 14

I believe we need to do a little research on other machines to finish. There are some videos specifically on RG machine ideas.

entry 15

We are trying to figure out how to connect our machine with the other groups. I think now we just need to focus on ours.

entry 16

At this time I was absent but will still discuss the project. I do not believe we will finish our machine by the end of school. Although I think our design is great we just don't have time.

entry 17

I was correct we couldn't finish our machine. I know we could have finished with more time.

entry 18

Doing this project I learned that turning your own ideas into reality is a lot harder than it seems and if one thing doesn't work you might have to scrap all previous work.

Our machine worked all up until the last stage so it technically doesn't work. With more time we could have easily made it work.

This project does make me want to pursue this subject. Now that I realize how hard it is to get a machine to work I have newfound respect for working complex machines.

Although I enjoyed it, I do wish I could have picked another project. Its a shame we couldn't finish it. Although Matt did good working and thinking of solutions I would've liked to work alone

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2 years ago

This project looks very interesting. Dillon is learning how to think about finding solutions to problems. He will definitely need this later in life.

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2 years ago