Business Trends in Computers

By: Sha'Aisia Warren

Current Trends

There are many current trends that may be a useful source to us in the near future. Using a computer has been a big issue in so many ways, but the trends that are being set are here to help us, so we can enjoy using the internet.


Cyber-security is to keep a safe, trustworthy, and secure cyberspace. It will prevent future threats, attacks, frauds, and damages from happening.

D Light

Dr. Harald Haas is coming up with an invention called D Light. It is to increase the speed of the internet and data rate on laptops, smart phones, and tablets. He plans to use the internet using a light source in your home. If a person cannot see the light, they cannot access the data. This will also be an prevention to stop Wi-Fi stealers.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing would be a very helpful source to us as well. It is to store shared information; easy access. Whether you're in the car, at home, school, or at a dining area, you will be able to pull up the stored information.

3D Printing and Manufacturing

 The trend that stood out the most to me was the 3D printing and manufacturing idea. This source will help us to keep solid structure from digital computer files.

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