Romeo and Juliet:
Is Life Chance or Choice

By: Eukeria Ludd, Zoe Van Den Bosch, Ariana Evans

Above is a picture of when Romeo and Juliet first met.

How "Life is Chance or Choice" is represented in "Romeo and Juliet"

Romeo and Rosaline ~~~~ Ariana

On the subject of chance and choice we also have the dynamic of Romeo and Rosaline. Shakespeare takes the relationship dynamic of Romeo and Rosaline and shows that the chance of a life-long relationship can be very miniscule no matter how much you may be in love with your current spouse: Romeo was head over heels for Rosaline at a short time before meeting Juliet. But, the chance of them being truly in love was slim because Rosaline’s heart was cold and Romeo had a bad attitude that left much to be desired. In proof of this, I read an article that talked about how life-long relationships are most likely close to impossible and unlikely at such a young age from the 20's and younger. Romeo, Juliet, and Rosaline where all around their early to late teenage years so even if romeo and Rosaline where madly in love it likely still wouldn't have lasted anyway since they are so young and have strong hormones raging through them.

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(Romeo and Juliet Analysis) “She hath, and in that sparing makes huge waste, for beauty starved with her severity Cuts beauty off from all posterity. She is too fair, too wise, wisely too fair, to merit bliss by making me despair: She hath forsworn loving, and in that vowing Do I live dead that live to tell it now.” The chance of these to being compatible was very little and because of they, they eventually fell out of love.

Juliet being set up with a marriage partner

In Act 1. Scene 2  Capulet and Paris are walking the streets of Verona when he promises his daughters hand in marriage to Paris without her consent making it an arranged marriage. A quote "CAPULET [To Paris] But woo her, gentle Paris, get her heart.My will to her consent is but a part.An she agreed within her scope of choice,Lies my consent and fair according voice" (1.2.15).  In this passage Shakespeare is using this theme by showing how Capulet is choosing to marry Juliet off to Paris. This means that Juliet's love for Paris isn't true and it is a choice made by her parents without her consent.In this quote from a middle school teacher said "However, it was her father who made the choice, against his own initial better judgement, to make her marry at the age of 12.(H,Tamara "What are incidents that occur from chance and that occur from choices made by the characters in Shakespeare's Romeo... - Homework Help -") This quote proves that Juliet's arranged marriage to Paris was purely based on a choice that her father made.


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Romeo's and Juliet's meeting~~~~ Zoe :-D

                        Romeo and Juliet met at a masquerade party that the Capulet's were holding, meeting by coincidence. Shakespeare used their meeting as an example that life can either be by choice or by chance, since Romeo and Juliet most definitely did not meet by choice in the beginning.  A quote "ROMEO[To a Servingman] What lady is that, which doth enrich the hand Of yonder knight? Servant I know not, sir." provides the example of it being chance that Romeo met Juliet since he did not go looking for her himself, he did not even know who she was at the time. Romeo's love for Juliet was by chance, for he had only glanced at her once before falling in love with her. Which is not something you can force yourself to do. The quote (from a website) "Romeo and Juliet meet, love at sight, and part; and the dramatic entanglement has begun." (Ed. Henry Norman Hudson, Act 1 Scene V) proves that piece of information. Due to all of this, an element of "chance" in "Romeo and Juliet" that Shakespeare used would be the meeting of the two star-crossed lovers, when they saw each other by chance.

Annotation, go to Act 1 Scene V


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When Romeo and Juliet get married. Going against the fate of their families, and the future that was set up for Juliet, Romeo and Juliet get married out of their own feelings.

This picture represents the theme "Is Life Chance or Choice" since this is a picture of the three Fate sisters weaving the red string of fate. In Greek mythology the Fate's are known as old ladies that weave the strings of someones fate and future, keeping this in mind this is the symbol of this theme since it represents the idea of is our life already planned out for us or do we make it ourselves?

Modern Versions of Life being Chance of Choice.

There are many occurrences of chance and choice in modern day life where you have to make the decision to let it  happen or make it happen, leaving your life to chance or choice.

All throughout our life we will have to choose our path one path will define us as the people we are a road that not many people take while the other will be an influence from our peers and may not be the road that should be taken. The Road not taken is a form a literature that is about taking a road that will define you as a person that will make you different from everyone else and not taking the road will be easier. The road not taken is based off of chance and choice. It is choice because you have to make a decision on which road you want to take and it is chance because you don’t know what is at the end of the road you choose.

Throughout life we have to choose between doing what is right and doing what is wrong the right thing is usually what will hurt someone but it is the right thing to do but doing the wrong thing, for example lying to someone, it will just end up hurting more people. What will you choose the right or the wrong thing.

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