Analysis of The Corporate Office Planning

Entrepreneurs allows designers to the attention of the design office in corporate office planning more carefully, more attention, and they are thinking more of the plan. Although we just have to communicate with many designers, but we found that they will forget some of the details. Designers should focus on not only is the enterprise and employees, and official entity position and direction, how to make use of natural light to make design problems such as the office out of the darkness.Here are some key points to note.

1. Determine the problem

Collect employees to the customer's comments on your office design, understand what you lack. According to your thoughts on business consider different office.

2. To establish a working environment

No matter how big or small office, diversity of the work content determines the diversity of office design. Make sure your office has worked, meetings, assist, discuss and think of space, a greater extent the influence of creativity and productivity.

3. The office location

Know is there a restaurant near office or bank, and even allow you to entertain clients of the hotel. These things will increase the attractiveness of employees, to rely on public transport office will be more popular.

4. Free space

Flexible office space is more suitable for creative company, let a person get develop thinking activity office, finish the work more efficient.

5. The lease time

Make sure your business hours, short-term or long-term leases will affect your business and the business.

6. To sign the agreement

To finds the right office, don't too quick to sign the lease agreement. First make it quite clear whether the terms of the agreement for you, especially the detail place, doesn't let yourself into trouble. To put special emphasis on cost and provisions, such as rent and fees, and service.

7. Discuss the lease

Before making a decision as soon as possible to communicate with the owner of the terms of the lease, do your best ability to make myself better. Do not be scared of negotiations, only the owners worry that you don't rent his office, you don't have to be afraid of have no choice.

8.Additional costs

According to your corporate office planning design, whether you need a small kitchen or a conference room, this will increase the cost of some additional. You could also consider to install the extra cost of a professional network to a telephone line.

Controls the details problem, will contribute to your office in completion of the plan. Develop corporate office planning -

to consider not only these, there are many key points need to discuss, we will continue to focus on.

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