Make or Break You!

Magill, Emilee. Choices. 2014. Vanillapen.

     Back in the fifteenth century men made most of the decisions and were told to stick up for their families at all times, which is shown in this part of Romeo and Juliet (Prezi). In a matter of minutes Romeo's life is turned upside down, and his future is forever changed, as shown in this quote "Immediately we do exile him hence," (Act 3 Scene 1). Romeo's decision to fight Tybalt was because he felt that he had the authority to stick up for himself and his family, which happened often with men in the fifteenth century.  Tybalt's decision changed Romeo's life for the worst. Romeo's friend died, Romeo kills an enemy, and he has been banned from Verona all due to Romeo agreeing to fight Tybalt. This relates to the theme of the play being: choices we make affect our future, because Romeo's decision to fight Tybalt changed the path of his life. He would no longer be in Verona with Juliet and his family. This one choice made in seconds created Romeo's future that would last his lifetime.

This part of the play shows that Romeo's actions caused him to be exiled. This annotated text refers to the paragraph above!

    This is the scene from Romeo and Juliet, where Romeo is being told his punishment by Friar Laurence due to fighting with Tybalt, and Romeo killing Tybalt.

Magill, Emilee. Choices. 2014. Vanillapen

     Our decisions are ultimately what our lives become in the future, and the acceptance can be very hard for someone to handle (Stephen Diamond). Romeo and Juliet’s decision to get married even though they are on rival families changed the paths of their futures dramatically. In just a couple days Juliet and Romeo are lying dead among many others because of their decision. Juliet was supposed to marry Paris, but disagreed and took a vial that put her in a death like state. Romeo found out that she was “dead” and decided to kill himself, as shown in this quote “Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die” (act 5 scene 3). Because of Romeo’s decision to kill himself, Juliet in turn kills herself when she awakens. All this leads to two deaths of two lovers, but in the end their decision changes the paths of the Montague’s and Capulet’s lives in a better way, the feud ends as we find out in this quote “O brother Montague, give me thy hand” this quote from Capulet shows Montague and Capulet making peace all because of their children’s deaths. This relates back to our theme of decisions affecting your future because Romeo and Juliet’s decision to get married led them to their death, but Romeo and Juliet’s death led to a future of peace among the two families. We find that this scene of Romeo and Juliet goes back to Stephen Diamond's research because the decision of Romeo and Juliet killing themselves is hard for their parents to handle, but someone else's decision helped resolve their feud.

     Mercutio suffers a severe consequence of death after making the decision to fight for Romeo, so that Romeo does not have to fight Tybalt. Although Mercutio is not in neither families, he dies from a stab wound as a result of the feud between the Montague’s and the Capulet’s. This one decision took away his life, although it occurred fast, it was not fast enough, because before Mercutio died he cursed both houses with a plague to show the families the harm the feud is causing which is shown in this quote “I've been hurt. May a plague curse both your families. I’m finished. Did he get away clean?”. Along with Mercutio’s decision to fight for Romeo, the Montague’s and Capulet’s decision to keep the feud going between the two families also changed the paths of innocent civilians lives, not just their own. This goes back to our theme of decisions and choices we make affect our future because Mercutio decided to stick up and fight for Romeo, which occurred often among men in the fifteenth century, the men were portrayed as courageous, strong, and noble, and the men would live up to these standards, as we see from Mercutio's act even though it ended terribly (Prezi).

     This is a video of Mercutio dying from his decision to fight Tybalt.

Modern Example:

     DRUGS. As a teen or an adult, this one decision can change your life for the worst. Drugs lead to disease and cancer and can be very fatal. The decision to take drugs could kill you, could hurt you, or could develop a very bad disease or cancer in your body. Although we know these precautions, as people we do not always do the right thing. The one decision to take drugs, could turn your life upside down; but you have the decision to choose, you have the decision to make or break your life!

     This is a photo describing that when we push our ideas, our choices towards the future they will make up our future. This photo shows a man pushing a chess piece that chess piece is a choice that he is pushing to his future because it will affect your future.

Modern Example

     GRADES. Those who try hard and put their best foot forward tend to do better with their grades and maintain a higher GPA. This is a choice that person made to better their lives, this is a beneficial choice indeed. This one decision to work hard towards the grades you want and the goal of a high GPA will get you into better colleges, which will in turn get you a degree in something you enjoy more. This relates back to our theme because decisions affect our future whether it be bad or good, but the decision to real a goal that will better your life will get you farther, as shown in this example.

     This is a photo of how our choices we make lead to opportunities in the future. With the grades subject, if we try hard with our grades now we will have better opportunities for colleges in the future which will lead to better job positions.

     This is a graduation speech about how many choices there are for someone to make, but how the choices you make will affect your career, your life, and your future. The graduation speech also describes the concept of how we are our choices, because our choices make us.

     This is a symbol of choices because we all have choices and they are like open doors, you open one choice and go through that door, which will lead you to the next door. These doors are your future, and the doors of the past are what made up our future. Romeo and Juliet had many doors they passed through, getting married, keeping a secret, Romeo being exiled, Juliet faking a death, and in the end the decision to kill themselves. These decisions made up the future of the two families, which was for the Montague's and the Capulet's to be in peace at the end.

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