Back into the Past
             By: Catie Beth Brown

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2 years ago

When I awoke, I realized from a distance there was loud music and lights being reflected by the spinning sphere that was playing with my eyes. Women that I saw had makeup caked on their faces, and they were wearing parachute pants with a tie. I was a little startled because, I thought only guys wore ties. Other women had fuzzy sleeves on their calves and over large sweatshirts. As I wondered cautiously in the masquerade streets I asked the man wearing a big, tacky, sweater with bell bottom jeans. " Excuse me sir, where am I?" "Your in Greensboro of course" he replied. I nodded my head and walked closer to the booming sounds. Caught in the breeze I noticed a news paper rolling across the ground. I picked it up and it said "1980 Newspaper" on top. I had traveled back in time to the 80's! I didn't know if I could get back to present time, but I definitely could adapt to these styles and living conditions. I walked through the ghetto doors where I saw a world of party animals. The lights flashed on the old wooden dance floor. "Hey honey, do ya want a beer?" I looked around finding myself at a grimy, filthy, unwashed bar with soused men to the side. "Umm... I don't drink." I replied. The man rolled his eyes as I walked to the dance floor. Soon I began to memorize every 1980's song that was playing at the party, including AC DC, Prince, Micheal Jackson, and Bonnie Taylor. As the night began to end I felt a nervous worry approach me. "Where am I going to sleep." Thoughts started to fill my head like a balloon with it's maximum air. It was hard to concentrate with my panic thoughts. All the cluster of animals whisking me into similar movements. The songs started to be implanted in my mind again. I tried not to worry, but all of the sudden the blaring speakers had a spark. The smoke forming made me blink twice as fast. The dancing flames made me hallucinate as the world began to spin I felt closer and closer to home. Once the spinning stopped I opened my fearful eyes to my own comforting bedroom.