Stuck in the Roaring 20's
By: MaKayla Carter

My grandma came to my house one day with a gift. As soon, as I let her in, we had a cup of tea. A few minutes later, a opened the gift and it was a painting of the 1920's. I looked closely at the black and white paint, and all of sudden I appeared When I got transported back into time to the Roaring Twenties, many people had attitudes and harsh tones towards me. The men and women from this time period had depressed looks on their faces because they lost most of their belongings. The people had lost most of their money and their businesses, caused by the Great Depression.

While I was walking along the street, I noticed these men that were involved in criminal gangs that were selling alcohol on the Black Market. Many women known as Flappers, had bobbed haircuts, and wore short skirts during their life. These women had high paying jobs, but if they came from a poor family then they wouldn't have a job at all. There was one flapper that wore a tight, red shirt and a black skirt.

One day, I went to go listen to Luis Armstrong's jazz music. He was the best musician I have heard my entire life. During the night, I was walking back to the place where I was staying, and I saw a painting of the future. I ran my fingers across the painting, and suddenly, I arrived back to Elkin, NC. Once I got back, my grandma asked me some questions about what was different back then, than it is today. She asked me in her old, creaky voice but sweet at the same time if I could ever adapt to their life style. I said "Not by the way the struggled with finding a job and losing their money, and I couldn't handle people being rude and obnoxious tone towards me."

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