Gracias all my 8th teachers!

Dear Ms. Johnson,

The project that I loved doing the most was the bookmark. In addition, I dislike verbals but I know I have to have the best relationship with them since I will always use them in a text, letter, and dialogue. I will not forget this class because thanks to you I made a lot of progress . I will miss all of that positive phrases that you have given me.

Dear Ms. Dorsett,

I love to learn about the past and the project that I enjoyed doing was the scrapbook because it helped my brain remember all the events for the CRCT. There is no project that made me think it was not helpful because you always give us work that will be helpful and that we will use in the future. You have always made your class fun like no other teacher this is why I will not forget this class.

Dear Ms. Roy,

I enjoyed the day that you teach us how to balance equations. An assignment that I feel was not helpful is the egg drop but the reason for this not being helpful for me is that I am not as creative as I thought. I will never forget you because you make sure we all understand what you are teaching but not just that, you will give your time to the students that need help improving any other class not just yours.  

Dear Ms. Smith,

I enjoyed doing the city and the tic tac toe projects.  A project that I thought was not helpful for me was the car project.I will not forget your class because I love the way that we have to learn a lesson by reading the text and then teach it to the class. It made me memorize the lesson better, maybe it was the nervousness that made me remember it so well.

Dear Ms. Banks,

I like all the tasks that I have done all this year with you for the school. The only thing that I think was not helpful is folding papers. I will always remember your class because I meet many people that know are my friends and most importantly your class helped my fears go away. Well some of them, but thanks!

Dear Ms. Creasy,

I have learned so many things about computers with you. I liked the entrepreneur project that we had to do by ourselves or with a partner. All the projects helped me a lot, they were very helpful. I will not forget your class since you gave us free time and  many people used it to play games but I used it to finish schoolwork. It was very helpful.  

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