Quadratic Formula

S. Silver, Word problem Poster

The Quadratic Formula is used to solve quadratic equations (ax^2+bx+c=0). The Quadratic Formula has a both positive and negative square root.

Your class is selling boxes of flower seeds as a fundraiser. The total profit p depends on the amount x that your class charges for each box of seeds. The equation p=-0.5x+36x-243 models the profit of the fundraiser. What's the smallest amount in dollars, that you can change and make a profit of at least $351.

To make the desired profit, the smallest amount you can change for each box is $__.

First, take the equation that was given to you and put in the form of Quadratic Equation. Which is ax^2+bx+c=0

Next you are going to put the Quadratic Equation in the Quadratic Formula. So you are going to need to identify the a, b, and c.

Then you are going to just solve or simplify using the numbers that you put in the Quadratic Formula.

After you simplify, you then need to split your answer into a positive and negative square root problem. Then you are going to solve each square root or problem.

Since the problem asked for the smallest amount your answer would be $25.61.

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