Capture the Flag

By Kate Messner

   This book is about how 3 kids named Anna, Henry, and Jose try to find the American flag that was stolen. Anna is a journalist, Henry likes to play games, and Jose likes to read. I recommend this book to people who like adventure.



   I had some wonderings in this book. Sense I did not finish the book yet, I wonder if Anna, Henry, and Jose will find who stolen the flag. Henry, Anna, and Jose find a guy with snake tattoo on his arm that looks suspicious. I wonder if the guy with the tattoo is the person who stole the flag. Also, why does Anna want to find the flag so badly?


  I had a text to self connection when the book said Jose likes to read Harry Potter books. I also like to read the Harry Potter series. Anna, Henry, and Jose's parents are always busy. My dad is a professor and has a lot of work to do like their parents. A text to text connection I made was that this book is about how Anna, Henry, and Jose want to find out where the flag is. In the Secret Series, Cass and Max-Ernest want to find out what the secret is. Both of these books have a mystery to solve.