Letter to Somebody

Hey, Somebody. I just would like to say things that I believe I have to say for you. I am really happy for your new phase in your life. Your new experiences, new job, anyway,your new life. You are kind, polite, very wise, (yoga person).However, at the same time, I am sad. Sad to see someone so special leaving my life like when the snow starts to melt in spring and summertime. It is sad to see somebody that you know for a short time going away ,and I probably won't see him again. It is sad to meet that person and know how wonderful somebody is and then somebody has to leave my life abruptly.
I like your eyes. They are like a deep ocean that I can see purity and kindness. I like your big heart where I can feel wisdon and light that lights everyone beside you. I like your thoughts. They are always thoghtful and insightful. I define you as a huge pine that harsh the winter and the hot summer.
I like you and I prefer see your happiness with your partner. I had to say that.In another life, I would like to meet you again and again and again....I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to know you Somebody. Thank you so much for being with us and show me simple things in life. Thank you again my dear. See you in another life.