"My Favorites and Hobbies"

Reading Storybooks

What to do in free times?

        When I have free times, I enjoy reading storybooks. I enjoy the adventures that I read in the book, like the story of "DORA the EXPLORER". There are many adventures in this book. There are different animals in this story. Books have many lessons that we can get like moral lessons. I enjoy reading stories it's because it has interesting events in there. It's really my hobby to read storybooks especially fairytales.

Dora the Explorer.
Princess collections.
My favorite movie.

         Cinderella, it's my favorite movie and story since i'm a child. It's a very amazing and wonderful story. There are lots of interesting and magical events that happens in the story of cinderella.

Flower Gardening.

     One of my hobbies at home, taking care of plants especially flowers. It's my hobby because I like to take care plants just like what my mother did. She likes to take care also flowers and she made a flower garden in our frontyard. At free times, we enjoy planting and taking care of our plants. We watered it everyday.

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